Acne Skin Kit Complete

Brand: Source Vital

$ 244.95

Naturally Counteract the Signs of Acne

With deep cleansing, antibacterial toning, corrective and spot treatment, balancing protection, exfoliation, and a clarifying mask, your acneic skin will see quick improvement and clearing.

A $271.50 Value! 9-piece kit includes:

Algae Deep Cleanse (4.46 oz) - Like no other cleanser you have used before, this active seaweed paste will tingle with active essential oils like Peppermint (to stimulate the blood and oxygen flow) and Geranium (to balance the skin). Use daily in the morning. We like to apply this to our faces first thing in the morning and rinse it off in the shower. The Peppermint will wake you up!

Aromatic Emulsion Pure (2.23 oz) – This fragrant toner will balance your skin’s pH and help to clarify your skin with ingredients such as Lemon essential oil (for its astringent properties), Geranium (to balance), and Apricot Kernel oil (for its nourishing qualities). Apply daily, morning and night, after cleansing.

Acne & Blemish Infusion (0.4 oz) – Our Infusions are a blend of specific essential and carrier oils, formulated for a specific skin care issue. This one is an excellent spot treatment for blemishes with its complex blend of oils such as versatile Lavender (for calming and soothing), Tea Tree (for its antiseptic qualities) and Cypress (for its astringent and calming properties). Apply to blemishes as a spot treatment. Best if applied to clean skin.

Oil Control Infusion (0.4 oz) - This Infusion of specific pure essential & carrier oils is blended to balance and control the sebum (oil) production in your skin. This blend also guards against infection. Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Lemon, Geranium, Cedarwood, and Cypress, along with nutritious carrier oils, combine to decongest and clear your skin. Apply with Sea Tonic Simple after cleansing in the morning and evening.

Sea Tonic Simple (4.46 oz) - In this kit, this purified seawater tonic is included, along with Oil Control Infusion, to bring essential, but hard-to-find, trace minerals to your regimen. Sea Tonic will hydrate and remineralize the skin.

Clear Skin Cream (2.3 oz) – Acne-prone and oily persons are often afraid of moisturizers because they so often contribute to the problem. Not our Clear Skin Cream! This is a formula that promotes balancing the oils in the skin. None of this drying out skin; you only to have to hydrate it. Many of the products used to dry up oil in the skin also dry up the water in the skin.  The goal is to balance the skin. Non-comedogenic, this fragrant cream is light and helps to soften hardened sebum (oil). It also acts as a barrier to environmental pollutants.  Use a small amount at the end of your regimen, morning and night.

Lemon Gel Cleanser (4.46 oz) - This cleanser is expert at cleansing your problematic skin without leaving it dry. Fragrant with Lemon, this cleanser will remove make-up, dirt, grit, and grime from your face without upsetting the delicate pH balance. Use a small amount on face & neck to begin your evening regimen.

Fango Facial Scrub (4.2 oz) – Our most effective exfoliant for oily/acne skin, this gritty manual scrub does the trick! Anytime you involve our seaweeds, you are benefiting from hydration, detoxification, and regeneration. Why not use seaweed powders partnered with nutritious ocean sediment and Lemon and Lavender to gently remove dead skin cells and make way for new ones? We say “It's a natural”. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week in the morning before you deep cleanse.

Clay Mask (1.6 oz) - Clay clears and clarifies skin. With emulsifying lecithin and water-attracting glycerin, this mask gives your skin an added dose of fortification and regeneration. Apply once a week.

Morning Routine:
Step 1 –
Apply a thin layer of Algae Deep Cleanse to face and neck. Leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water. NOTE:  1-2 times per week exfoliate with Fango Facial Scrub before Algae Deep Cleanse.

Step 2 – While the skin is still damp apply 7-10 drops of Aromatic Emulsion Pure to damp cotton pad and apply to face/neck.

Step 3 – Spot treat blemishes with Acne & Blemish Infusion.

Step 4 – Finish by protecting skin with a thin layer of Clear Skin Cream.

Night Routine:
At night repeat steps 1 through 4.  Replace Algae Deep Cleanse with a regular cleanser for removing dirt and make up (our Lemon Gel Cleanser is excellent for this).

Use morning and night routine every day for best results.

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