After Shave Soother

Brand: Source Vital

$ 18.95

Naturally Soothing After Shave Lotion - 2.23 oz

Hate the dryness and discomfort you feel post shave? One of our new skincare products for men, After Shave Soother, combines all natural skin soothers with lightly hydrating ingredients to give face a balanced and comfortable feel.

Aloe vera and Cucumber extract work to calm irritated skin, while pure essential oils of Geranium and Sandalwood, plus natural mineral-rich Algae, lend a moisturizing and healing sensation to skin.

Use to ward off the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Key Ingredients:

  • Witch Hazel – gives a clean, revitalized feel to skin, non-drying
  • Brown algae (laminaria digitata) – offers a feeling of balance & purity to skin, lends the appearance of luminosity
  • Aloe Vera extract – moisturizing without feeling greasy, reduces the appearance of inflammation, helps to remove excess oil & holds antioxidants that boost the look of firmness
  • Cucumber extract – a calming & soothing ingredient, rich in silica to improve the feeling of firm, supple skin
  • Argan oil – diminishes appearance of age spots, scars & acne, boosts a look of youthfulness
  • Geranium essential oil – feels soothing to skin & reduces the appearance of irritation & redness
  • Sandalwood essential oil – calms & balances the skin while promoting a firmer, younger look
  • Tea Tree essential oil – used to revive the look & feel of healthy tissue, brings a clear look to skin

Suggested Use:

Apply 3-4 pumps to areas of face and neck where you shaved. May also be applied to whole face as moisturizer even without shaving.

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