Citrus Peel

Brand: Source Vital

$ 20.95

Botanical Facial Exfoliant - 1 oz

Exfoliation is key to happy, healthy skin. Not feeling those harsh, granular scrubs? Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this mild peel.

Key Ingredients

  • Locust bean gum – a plant gel used to give the appearance of fresh, renewed skin
  • Lemon extract – contains enzymatic properties which boost the look of glowing, clear skin
  • Orange essential oil – cleanses & soothes the skin, while encouraging the look of clear skin
  • Lemon, Lime essential oils – cleanses skin & promotes a feeling of softness

    Suggested Use:

    Add ½ tsp. of Citrus Peel in palm of hand. Gently apply over clean face, neck and chest. Allow peel to sit on skin until mask is no longer tacky. Support skin while massaging skin (using short strokes) until small peelings develop. Continue this technique until there are no more peelings. Rinse with water.

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