Euphoria Natural Elixir

Brand: Source Vital

$ 19.95

100% Pure & Natural Euphoria Remedy

Euphoria is an uplifted state of being. This blend of essential oils helps take the edge off of daily stresses and dramas. Whether in heavy traffic, before a public speaking engagement, or trying not to lose your temper, this blend will help you feel a more centered, balanced, euphoric. .23 oz

Suggested Use:
  • Wear as a perfume. Apply a drop to pulse points - behind ear, on wrists, base of throat, over the heart or just under the nose. Breathe deeply.
  • Add 10-15 drops into a spray bottle with water to freshen your space. Shake bottle well before spraying.
  • Add a few drops to an AC air filter to make your home smell clean and happy.
  • Add a few drops to unscented skin and body lotions. The aroma will give you a pick me up.


Safflower seed oil (carthamus tinctorius), Sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus), Lemon Essential Oil (citrus medica limonum), Spruce Essential Oil (tsuga canadensis), Jojoba seed oil (simmondsia chinensis), Geranium Essential Oil (pelargonium graveolens), Artemesia lanyana Essential Oil, Vetiver Essential Oil (vetiveria zizanoides), Jasmine Essential Oil (jasminum grandiflorum), St. John's Wort Essential Oil (hypericum perforatum) & Valerian Essential Oil (valeriana officinalis).

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