Fango Facial Scrub

Brand: Source Vital

$ 20.95

Soothing, Micro-Exfoliation Scrub to Improve Appearance of Acne, Oily, Congested Skin - 4.2 oz

Ever wish you could give your skin a big drink of green smoothie? Well, dreams do come true. This whipped up combo of skin superfoods will give your skin the boost it is thirsting for.

Natural exfoliating ingredients from the sea create a renewed and brighter appearance. Skin-calming essential oils keep the feel of inflammation at bay and soothe signs of irritation.

Key Ingredients

  • Sea clay mud – cleanses & purifies skin, visibly improving the appearance of blemishes & irritation
  • Red algae kelp – holds detoxifying and remineralizing properties, good for giving skin the quality of balance, clarity & even tone
  • Lavender essential oil – makes scars, spots & wrinkles less noticeable, while gently coaxing skin into a feeling of balance & calm
  • Lemon essential oilgives skin a glow, improves clarity, cleans & reduces the feeling of excess oil

    Suggested Use:

    Use 1-2 times weekly as needed. Apply evenly to face and neck area. Use quick, circular movements to exfoliate. Rinse with water.

    Tip: For deeper exfoliation, leave scrub on the skin for 3 minutes and cover face with a warm, damp towel.

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