Lavender Body Wash

Brand: Source Vital

$ 17.95

SLS/SLES Free, Natural Body Cleanser for Relaxation - 17.2 oz

Wish they bottled a stress-free mind and relaxed feeling body? We do! Our Lavender Body Wash is designed to instantly infuse mind and body with a sense of calm, while gently cleaning the skin – all in your shower!

Our stress relieving bath and shower gel is made with Lavender essential oil to promote a feeling of tranquility, while Geranium lends a soothing quality to skin.

No harsh foaming agents here, our sudsy body washes are made with only the safest natural ingredients. Skin is left feeling soft and supple.

Key Ingredients:

  • Lavender essential oil – deeply soothing, gently coaxes skin into a feeling of balance & calm
  • Geranium essential oil – feels soothing to skin, reduces the appearance of irritation & redness

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